What's this plant in a light bulb really about?

It’s all about spreading more love & kindness in this big wide world.

Be the Light was inspired by a previous project called “ Light Up the World”. It all began after Jess's first trip to Africa several years ago, where the locals actually lit up her heart & filled her with gratitude. These people don't get to choose what situation they were born into, yet their smiles were so genuine.

After this Jess met an incredible lady who invited her to go back. She went for a week, lived like a local & met a legend named Barney, a former soldier child, who had dreams for his future, just like we do. This trip strengthened her desire to want to help in whatever way she could. Jess came home & learnt how to make candles & after lots of work she produced 250 pure soy, lime & coconut scented candles & sold them. To great success, all the candles sold & 100% of the profits went to purchasing Barney a piece of land in a safe village in Uganda.

Giving back

This was the beginning of what you are seeing now & what has attributed into BE THE LIGHT Australia. This plant in a light bulb has been created to allow others to spread more light into this world & bring more awareness to gratitude & what a simple act of kindness can have on one.

Everyone needs a little light in their world.
My mission is to spread this far & wide.

FAQ's / Care Mode

How do I care for my BTL bulb?
BTL Bulbs are easy to care for. They like a warm, shady spot with no direct sunlight. Top up with water if needed. Watch it grow!

How often do I need to refill my BTL bulb with water?
It may only need a little top up every so often if it gets a little thirsty, especially in summer. Otherwise if the water is looking a little merky, without removing the plant from the lid, tip the water out & refill with fresh water.

How hard is it to keep my BTL bulb alive?
It is quite hard to kill a BTL bulb once it has grown some tiny roots. There's a small chance before it forms it's roots that it can die if it may be in a spot with direct sunlight or the water isn't covering the nodes which is how the roots grow. So stick to the care mode is best recommended.

What is the best water for my BTL bulb?
Honestly any water is fine, tap or filtered. It will still grow beautifully & last just as long with just tap water. No special fertilizer is used, but hey you can experiment if your a plant lover!